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Advanced Labeling Solutions

Hadran has developed a new generation of labeling systems for applying labels on fruits and vegetables. Hadran developed and supplied wide range of solutions to packhuoses in Israel, S.America, s.Africa ect. The automatic labeling system is providing to apply labels on fruits packed in trays or in high speed - up to 800 fruits per minutes - multi applicators lines.


The manual labeler enables fast and easy sticking of various sized labels with tape width of 20,30,40,50 mm . The built in micro controller utilizes a photoelectric sensor to accurately advance the tape and locate the labels in the optimal position under the sticking sponge wheel. The unit is powered by rechargeable batteries, sufficient for 10 hours of operation between charging to charging. The operation rate remains stable independent of the battery level.

Line Labeling system - Pattern packed

Pattern labelers designed for single pass labeling of fruits packed in trays. Utilizing slim profile application heads with automatic head positioning mechanism.

Print On Demand P.O.D - HD2 - P.O.D

Variable data printing of various types – bar code, date, PLU, numbers etc.  Controlled by computer. Touch screen commands for data, graphics and text entry. No need to replace the cassette while exchanging label size Labels made of a special 40 micron p.p Saving cost due reducing the stock of many types of labels. 

Line Labeling System - Singulated fruits

Singulated labelers designed for singulated lines, available with single or multiple applicators in fixed positions. Two operation modes: independent or synchronized with the sizer system for selective labeling. Operates at line speeds up to 800 fruits per minute.

HD2 Line Labeling System

The HD2 line labeling system of HADRAN offers highly efficient, fast and reliable labels application solutions for packing lines. The system is available both for pattern labeling of fruits packed in trays of various sizes and arrangements, and for singulated labeling of unpacked fruits on conveyor lines.

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